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Please let me know how the Zetasizer nano is calculating the Z-average size and the polydispersity index of nanoparticles.
Can we caalculate the PDI from the Intensity Vs. size (d,nm) or it is dependent on the size of individuaal nanoparticles.
I'm wondering if its just me, or is everyone reading the OP's words as mystified as me?
I am completely mystified. I'd like to learn though so where do i start? These stuff are not even touched on in high school, right? You can imagine how clueless i'm. unsure.gif blink.gif
Hmmmm... ok, if you solve your self that would be great... But when you feel any problem i have one person who solve your problem... and your can tell me freely... wink.gif
Post by Donald
Interesting post dude....discussion are always helpful in one way or the other. Thanks for giving out information. Itís really nice and mean full.
Dr Azza
Is Polydispersion index automatic calculated from zeta sizer or I must calculate it by my self
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